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Baptized Catholic children in grades 1 through 8, who need to be prepared to complete their initiation process in the Catholic Church, must participate in a catechetical program (religious formation sessions) with their peers at St. Mary.  Sessions begin in October.

The parents will take part in this process since they have the primary influence on the preparation process of their children and since this is their primary responsibility.  

All children must be registered for the catechetical program.  Forms are available online.

Contact for levels 1-6

Donna Trudell

Religious Formation Director

248.547.1810 ext. 207

Contact for levels 7 & 8

Christine Wagberg

Coordinator of Family Life

248.547.1818 ext. 209

Children's Religious Formation

The Religious Formation program offers a home based program for Level 1 through Level 6.  Please contact Christine Wagberg for more information about Levels 7 and 8.

First Eucharist and Confirmation Preparation

For information about First Eucharist and Confirmation Preparation, please visit the Sacraments Tab on the top of the page.
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