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Belonging to a Catholic parish is an important part of being an active and participating member of the Catholic Church. This is where we continue the mission of Jesus Christ. This is where we publicly express our faith, joining together with others to give witness of our closeness with God and with one another. By registering at St. Mary, you are declaring your desire to be part of this Catholic community. Attending Mass weekly and participating in the life of our parish family helps us to grow in our relationship with God and builds relationships that are needed to carry on the work of Christ and to spread the Good News of the Gospel. 

Becoming a Member

There are many reasons to register and belong to a parish community:

  • Supports you in your relationship with Jesus. 

  • Provides the parish community and staff with a way to welcome you, get to know you better and to minister to you.

  • In times of joy and in times of struggle, it is comforting to belong to a faith family. 

  • It is a commitment to practice your faith in community with others.

  • Gives the parish a way to connect with you and keep you informed.

  • Providing your contact information is important so that we can provide you with timely updates via email, direct mail, phone, etc. 

  • In order to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation, or Holy Matrimony, you will need to be registered, attend Mass weekly and allow time to prepare for the sacraments.

  • For religious education instruction and Sacramental preparation, the families of those attending must also be registered parishioners.

  • A pastor can write a sponsor or godparent letter of good standing for active parish members. 

All Catholics are called to take an active role in the work of the Body of Christ. While you have a right to all that is listed above, as a member, you are also responsible to help St. Mary Community to thrive. You have the responsibility to care for the gifts that God entrusted to each of us to be used for the sake of serving others. 

We are excited to get to know you better and for you to become involved at St. Mary and all it has to offer. If you wish to register with the parish, contact Mary Jiovani at A form can be emailed to you, or you can stop in the parish office and complete it there. Once received, we will follow up with you to review your registration and answer any questions you may have.

After you are registered and become more familiar with the parish, we will follow up with you, to help you make a commitment of your gifts of time, talent and financial support to the works of the parish, our archdiocese and the universal church. 

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